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Reference files:

The Dot Net Framework allows us to create and use dynamic link libraries (.DLL).   Autodesk has created several managed dll files that we are allowed to use to develop applications.  Following is a list of the dll files required to be referenced to create an AutoCAD Dot Net Application:

AutoCAD 2013-2015

  • AcMgd.dll
  • AcDbMgd.dll
  • AcCoreMgd.dll
  • AcTcMgd.dll

AutoCAD 2012

  • AcMgd.dll
  • AcDbMgd.dll.

To locate these files you must first find your installation path for AutoCAD.  Generally this is C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD version\.

COM Reference Files:

For most of our programming tasks we'll be using the Dot Net methods.  However from time to time we have to step out of dot net and use the COM interface to accomplish a task.  Options dialog box settings here's looking at you kid.